NT-Art Gallery (founded in 2006), opened in Odessa on 20th of December, 2007.

At the heart of the gallery – collection of its owners, which is numbering more than 2,000 first-class paintings, drawings, sculptures, photographs and installations from the 2nd half of the XX century to the present day. Gallery does not have the status of a museum, however in the opinion of authoritative experts, the large part of its collection is at the museum level and not intended for sale.

Collection of the gallery is characterized by the wide scope and panoramic presentation of regional schools (represented all art centers of the national importance: Kiev, Carpathians, Crimea, Lviv, Kharkov), and various areas of Ukrainian art of the past and present centuries. However, the main part of the collection – art of the Odessa artists of several generations; and above all, unique collection of works of nonconformist artists and representatives of the modern art of the late XX – early XXI centuries.

Thus, the work of other regional schools of Ukraine and Odessa representatives of other types and styles serve as the ‘nucleus’ of the collection.

The pride of NT-Art Gallery is the largest (in terms of volume and genre variety) collection of works by Yuriy Yegorov, the legend of domestic art. Creativity of Yuriy Yegorov rightfully occupies a central place in the history of Odessa painting: it binds together the traditions of the Southern Russian School of the late XIX century, Odessa avant-garde of the “heroic period (1900-1910)”, with no less legendary “Odessa Underground (1950-1980)” and trans-avant-garde of the end of the XX century.


NT-Art Gallery has a brilliant selection of Odessa nonconformists’ works, who (first in Ukraine) in 60’s and 70’s of the last century, flagging the way to informal art, free from ideological pressure and biased aesthetics.

NT-Art Gallery also has the largest collection in Ukraine of Odessa contemporary art.

Gallery is open to cooperation with the little-known young talents, and ready to provide support in the difficult conditions of the domestic and Odessa art markets.

The mission of NT-Art Gallery is to promote Odessa Art at the Ukrainian art scene, and furthermore to promote Ukrainian Art (primarily on the basis of Odessa collection) at the international level.

Since 2008, NT-Art Gallery is implementing projects of the national significance. It is either a major group exhibitions of contemporary Ukrainian artists in Odessa, or the presentation of art of Odessa artists from the collection of gallery in regional centers of Ukraine (in Kiev and abroad). In such cases, the NT-Art Gallery collaborates with museums, exhibition centers, galleries and private collectors. Regular partner of NT-Art Gallery in nationwide and international projects is Kiev Dymchuk Gallery.

Currently, the priority objective of NT-Art Gallery to promote the Odessa art at Europe and Global art markets; presentation of the creativity of Odessa artists of different generations at the most prestigious international forums.