Valentin Altanets


Valentin Altanets
(1936, Krivoy Rog – 1995, Odessa)

1962 – Graduated from Odessa Art College.
1992 – One of the founders of the creative association “Choven”.
1993 – Acknowledged to the National Union of Artists of Ukraine.

An active participant of Odessa nonconformist movement.

Selected solo exhibitions:

1978 – Editorial office of “The Banner of Communism” newspaper. Odessa, USSR.
1979 – House of the Actor. Odessa, USSR.
1983 – Exhibition Hall of the Union of Artists. Odessa, USSR.
1997 – Odessa Museum of Fine Art. Odessa, USSR.
2007 – Exhibition Hall of the Odessa City Council. Odessa, Ukraine.

Selected group exhibitions:

2013 – “Odessa School. Traditions and Relevance.” Mystetskiy Arsenal. Kiev, Ukraine (catalog).
2013 – “Odessa School. Traditions and Relevance.” Exhibition hall “ArtDonbass”, Donetsk, Ukraine (catalog).
2010 – “II Fine Art Ukraine.” Mystetskyi Arsenal. Kiev, Ukraine.
2008 – “How young you were… Odessa nonconformist artists. 60’s – 80’s of the XX century in collections of Felix Kohriht and Anatoliy Dymchuk.” NT-Art Gallery. Odessa, Ukraine (catalog).
1996 – Exhibition of the creative associations “Art-Club-96” and “Choven”. Museum of Ukrainian Modern Art. Khmelnitsk, Ukraine (catalog).
1994 – Exhibition of the creative association “Choven”. Museum of Western and Oriental Art. Odessa, Ukraine.

Selected Museum collections:

National Art Museum of Ukraine. Kiev, Ukraine.
Museum of Modern Art of Ukraine. Kiev, Ukraine.
Odessa Museum of Fine Art. Odessa, Ukraine.
Odessa State Literary Museum. Odessa, Ukraine.
Odessa Museum of Modern Art. Odessa, Ukraine.

Numerous private collections in Ukraine and abroad.