Oleksander Anufriev


Oleksander Anufriev
(1940, Moscow)

1953 – 1957 – Studied in Secondary Art School at Lavrushinskiy street in Moscow.
1960 – Graduated from Odessa Art College.
From 1980 – lives and works in the United States.
One of the founders and leaders of Odessa nonconformist art.

Selected group exhibitions:

2013 – “Odessa School. Traditions and Relevance”. Mystetskiy Arsenal. Kiev, Ukraine (catalog).
2013 – “Odessa School. Traditions and Relevance”. Exhibition hall “ArtDonbass”. Donetsk, Ukraine (catalog).
2013 – Apartment Exhibition “Bebel 19”. NT-Art Gallery. Odessa, Ukraine.
2013 – Apartment Exhibition “Bebel 19”. The project IV Fine Art Ukraine. Mystetskiy Arsenal. Kiev, Ukraine (catalog).
2010 – II Fine Art Ukraine. Mystetskiy Arsenal. Kiev, Ukraine.
2008 – “How young you were… Odessa nonconformist artists. 60s -80s of the XX century in the collections of Felix Kohriht and Anatoliy Dymchuk.” NT-Art Gallery, Odessa, Ukraine (catalog).
2004 – “Odessa Art School nowadays. Half of the century together.” Odessa Museum of Fine Art. Odessa, Ukraine (catalog).
2002 – Oleksander Anufriev. “Liberty” Gallery, Odessa, Ukraine.
1980 – World Trade Fair (slideshow of Odessa artists). Washington, USA.
1979 – “The Modern Art from Ukraine”, an informal exhibition. Munich -London- Paris-New York (catalog).
1964 – 1980 – Apartment exhibitions (the apartment of Oleksander and Margaret Anufrieva; Osipova 9; apartment of Asriev; Bebel 19; and many others). Moscow and Leningrad, USSR.

Selected Museum Collections:

Museum “Zimmerli”. New Jersey, USA.
Museum of Modern Art of Ukraine. Kiev, Ukraine.
Odessa State Literary Museum. Odessa, Ukraine.
Odessa Museum of Modern Art. Odessa, Ukraine.

Numerous private collections in Ukraine and abroad.