Albin Gavdzinskiy


Albin Gavdzinskiy
(1923, Bobrik village, Lyubashevsky district of Odessa region).

Began to study painting in Odessa Palace of Pioneers led by Timofeev.
1938 – Laureate of the magazine “Young Artist”.
1950 – Graduated from the Odessa Art School (teacher Mutselmaher,Parhet, Bershad).
1951 – Debut at the All-Union exhibitions.
1961 – Honorary Citizen of New Kahovka.
1976 – Honored Artist of the USSR.
2003 – People`s Artist of Ukraine.
2011 – Received the State Award from the President of Ukraine – Jubilee Medal “20 years of Independence”.
2012 – Awarded the “Badge of Honor”.

Lived and worked in Odessa.

Selected solo exhibitions:

2012 – Odessa Art Museum. Odessa, Ukraine.
2009 – NT-Art Gallery. Odessa, Ukraine.
2008 – Museum of Western and Oriental Art. Odessa, Ukraine.
2007 – “CHARM” Gallery. Kiev, Ukraine.
2002 – Odessa Literary Museum (in collaboration with Gavdzinsky). Odessa, Ukraine.
1998 – Exhibition Hall of the Artists’ Union. Odessa, USSR.
1982 – Personal exhibition in the ship “Georgia”, USSR.
1981 – Exhibition “Labour Illichevsk ” together with Gavdzinsky. Illichivs`k, USSR.
1975 – New Kahovka, USSR.
1974 – Odessa Art Museum. Odessa, USSR.
1960 – Odessa Art Museum. Odessa-Kherson-New Kahovka, USSR.
1953 – The first solo exhibition (together with K. Lomykin). Odessa Art Museum. Odessa, Ukraine.

Selected group exhibitions:

2001 – Exhibition “Dialogue of Generations”( together with with Kucher – Kutsan and Gorbenko). Odessa Literary Museum. Odessa, Ukraine.
2005 – Exhibition at “Liberty” Gallery (together with V. Litvinenko and A. Kaminskiy). Odessa.
1999 – Group exhibition with EA Gavdzinsky . London , England.
1972 – National Art Exhibition “Blooming Ukraine”. State Museum of Decorative Art of the Ukrainian SSR. Kiev, USSR.
1969 – Odessa artists-participants in the WWII (1941-1945). Exhibition Hall of Artists’ Union. Odessa, USSR.
1968 – Exhibition of creative groups “Sednev – Gursuf”, USSR.
1966 – Republican art exhibition “On Guard for Peace”. Exhibition Center. Kiev, USSR.
1962 – The first regional art exhibition of sketches. Exhibition Hall of the Artists` Union. Odessa, USSR.
1960 – Exhibition of Gavdzinsky and Lomykin. Kiev- Kharkov, USSR.
1955 – Second All-Union Exhibition of marine painters. Central Exhibition Hall. Moscow, USSR .
1954 – Exhibition of Fine Arts of the Ukrainian SSR dedicated to the 300th anniversary of reunification of the Ukraine and Russia. Kiev- Moscow -Simferopol, USSR.
1952 – XI Fine Art Ukrainian SSR. The State Museum of Decorative Arts of the Ukrainian SSR. Kiev, USSR.
1951 – All-Union Art Exhibition. Central Exhibition Hall, Moscow, USSR.
1948 – Regional Art Exhibition. Exhibition Hall of the Artists’ Union. Odessa, USSR.

Numerous private collections in Ukraine and abroad.