Valeriy Gegamyan


Valeriy Gegamyan
(1925, village Garni, Armenia – 2000, Odessa, Ukraine).

1940 – Entered the Yerevan Art College. Yerevan, Armenian SSR.
1951 – Graduated from the Yerevan Institute of Art (teacher M. Sarian). Yerevan, Armenian SSR.
1953 – The leading artist in the section of monumental painting in the Art Found of the USSR.
1957 – Lecturer at the Birobidzhan School of Art (Far East), USSR.
1958 – Teacher of painting, drawing and composition at the undergraduate Makhachkala Art College named after M.A. Jamal. Dagestan SSR.
1964 – 1985 – The founder and dean of the art-graphic faculty of the Odessa Pedagogical Institute. Odessa, Ukrainian SSR.
Since the early 1960s he lived and worked in Odessa.

During his life did not participate in exhibitions.

2010 – “Exhibition of the ‘real’ Art: Unknown Gegamyan” (together with Galina Pavljuk)
“Magic Flowers”. “Pivdenna” Gallery. Odessa, Ukraine.
2001 – The first memorial exhibition. Odessa Art Museum. Odessa, Ukraine.

Selected Museum collections:

Odessa Museum of Contemporary Art. Odessa, Ukraine.
National Gallery of Armenia. Yerevan, Armenia.