Pavlo Miroshnichenko


Pavlo Miroshnichenko
(1920, Belovodsk , Luhansk region -2006)

Graduated from Crimean Art College of Samokish (teachers: S. Vladimirov, N. Scheglov, M. Kroshitskiy, V. Bernadskiy, F. Zaharov).
From 1951 – Lived and worked in Sevastopol.
1951-1960 – Taught at the secondary school №30 and Shipbuilding College in Sevastopol.
1960 – 1972 – The Head of Sevastopol City Studio of Artists.
1965 – Acknowledged to the Union of Artists of Ukraine.
1996 – Honored Artist of Ukraine.

Selected solo exhibitions:

2009 – “The Crimean coast of Paul Miroshnichenko.” “Nef” Gallery. Kiev, Ukraine.
1891 – “Painting, Graphics”. Yalta, Ukraine.
1982 – “Painting, Graphics”. Vorochilovgrad, Stahanov, Belovodsk, USSR.
1981 – “Painting, Graphics”. Yalta, USSR.
1980 – “Painting, Graphics”. Simferopol, USSR.
1970 – “Painting, Graphics”. Sevastopol, USSR.
1965 – “Painting, Graphics”. Sevastopol, USSR.

Selected group exhibitions:

1989 – “Portrait in the work of the Crimean artists.” Regional Exhibition. Simferopol, USSR.
1987 – “Works of the Crimean artists.” Regional Exhibition. Simferopol, USSR.
1986 – Regional exhibition dedicated to the 45th anniversary of the heroic defense of Sevastopol. Yalta, Sevastopol, USSR.
1979 – “Blue Roads of Homeland.” All-Union Exhibition. Moscow, USSR.
1975 – “Contemporary Soviet Art in Japan.” Tokyo, Japan.
1971 – Republican exhibition dedicated to the XXIV Congress of the Communist party. Kiev, USSR.
1969 – Anniversary Republican exhibition of Ukrainian artists dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the Great October Revolution. Kiev, USSR.
1966 – “On Guard for Peace.” Republican Exhibition. Kiev, USSR.
1964 – Republican exhibition of Crimean artists. Kiev, USSR.
1963 – Regional exhibition dedicated to the 45th anniversary of the October Socialist Revolution. Simferopol, USSR.
1963 – National Art Exhibition. Kiev, USSR.
1961 – Republican exhibition of seascapes. Kiev, USSR.
1961 – Exhibition dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the birth of K.A. Korovin. Gursuf, USSR.
1960 – Exhibition of works by Sevastopol artists, dedicated to the Artist’s Day. Sevastopol, USSR.
1955 – Autumn exhibition of works by artists from Crimea. Simferopol, USSR.

Selected Museum collections:

National Art Museum of Ukraine. Kiev, Ukraine.
Museum of Modern Art of Ukraine. Kiev, Ukraine.
Sevastopol Art Museum of Kroshitskiy. Sevastopol, Ukraine.
National Museum of Western Art. Tokyo, Japan.

Numerous private collections in Ukraine and abroad.