Volodymyr Naumets


Volodymyr Naumets
(1945, Lviv).

1964 – Graduated from Odessa Art College (teacher D. Frumina).
1970 – Graduated from the Moscow Higher School of Industrial Art (former Stroganov School).
1998 – Member of the International Association of Art – Mosaic (AIMCA), Ravenna, Italy.
1970 – 1980 – Participated in actions of Moscow conceptualist artists.
70s – Member of the association “GorKom Graphics” at the Little Georgia street (Moscow).
Since 1989 lives and works in Cologne, Germany

Selected solo exhibitions:

2012 – “From the sign to the world”. Church center Stuftung, Eben – Ezer. Lemgo, Germany.
2012 – “Clearance”. “HudPromo” Gallery. Odessa, Ukraine.
2012 – “Trimming of the smoke”. Museum of Contemporary Art. Odessa, Ukraine.
2008 – ” How young you were… Odessa nonconformist artists. 60s – 80s years of the XX century in the collections of Felix Kohriht and Anatoly Dymchuk.” NT-Art Gallery. Odessa, Ukraine (catalog).
2007 – Exhibition of graphics. Odessa Art Museum. Odessa, Ukraine.
2006 – Painting Exhibition 80s-90s. Museum of Western and Oriental Art. Odessa, Ukraine.
1996 – “Golden iconostasis.” Museum of Saint- Augustin. Cologne, Germany.
1992 – “Ecce Homo”, the Cathedral of St. Nicholas. “Lutz Toytloff” Gallery. Bielefeld, Germany (catalog).
1991 – “Tranzitus.” “Zels” Gallery. Dusseldorf, Germany (catalog).
1991 – Bodenshatts Gallery. Basel, Switzerland.
1991 – Theatre of Opera and Ballet. Basel, Switzerland.
1990 – Ilse Lommel. Leverkusen, Germany (catalog).
1989 – Nawrocki, Rozinger. Cologne, Germany.
1989 – Lutz Toytloff “Modern Art”. Hamburg, Germany.

Selected group exhibitions:

2013 – “Odessa School. Traditions and Relevance.” Mystetskiy Arsenal. Kiev, Ukraine.
2013 – “Odessa School. Traditions and Relevance.” Exhibition hall “Art Donbass”. Donetsk, Ukraine (catalog).
2013 – Apartment Exhibitions “Bebel 19”. NT-Art Gallery. Odessa, Ukraine (catalog).
2013 – Apartment Exhibitions “Bebel 19”. Mystetskiy Arsenal. Kiev, Ukraine. The project IV Fine Art Ukraine (catalog).
2012 – Art-Kyiv Contemporary VII. Mystetskiy Arsenal. Kiev, Ukraine.
2000 – Exhibition of the International Association of mosaic artists. Ravenna, Italy – Strasbourg, France.
1995 – Exhibition of contemporary Russian artists from the collection of Norton Dodge. Zimmerli Museum. New Jersey, USA (catalog).
1994 – “Moscow- Cologne -Moscow”. “Lutz Toytloff” Gallery. Cologne, Germany.
1994 – “Moscow romanticism”. Moscow, Russia (catalog).
1988 – “I live, I see .” Moscow artists of the 80s. Art Museum of Bern, Switzerland (catalog).
1987 – “Contemporary Russian Art”. Cultural center of Cremona Foundation, New York, USA (catalog) .
1979 – “Contemporary Art from Ukraine” an informal exhibition . Munich -London- Paris-New York (catalog).

Selected Museum collections:

Museum ” Zimmerli .” New Jersey, USA.
Museum of Modern Art. Vienna Austria.
Museum of Modern Art. Bern, Switzerland.
Museum of Modern Art. Cologne, Germany.
Museum of Modern Art. San Marino, Italy.

Numerous private collections in Ukraine and abroad.