Gennadiy Podvoiskiy


Gennadiy Podvoiskiy

He was born in 1941.
Nonconformist artists of 70s-80s, who has been called – `the last of the hippies.`
Worked as a bricklayer, a fireman in the blacksmith shop.
Parallel worked as an artist’s model at College of Grekov, where has been imbued with the spirit of art.
Student of Vitaliy Alikberov.

Since the 1970s, known in Odessa as a non-conformist artist and poet.

1990 – `Contemporary Paintings of Odessa .` `Red Square` Gallery. Odessa, Ukraine.
1995 – `Triton` Gallery. Odessa, Ukraine.

Selected Museum collections:

Museum of Contemporary Art. Odessa, Ukraine.