Viktor Ryzhykh


Viktor Ryzhykh
(1933, Omsk).

1958 – Graduated from the Kiev Art Institute (theachers: W. Pyzirkov, K. Trokhimenko, G. Meliлhova) .
1961 – Acknowledged to the National Union of Artists of Ukraine.
1980 – Awarded the title “Honored Artist of Ukraine.”
1986-1989 – Deputy Head of the Kyiv organization of Artists’ Union.
2004 – Awarded the title of “People`s Artist of Ukraine.”
2001 – 2006 – Member of the National Academy of Arts in Ukraine.
2007 – Awarded the Medal of the Union of Artists of Russia.
Lives and works in Kiev.

Selected solo and group exhibitions:

2013 – “Fragments of Eternity”. Zaporozhe Art Museum. Zaporozhe, Ukraine.
2010 – Museum of Modern Art of Ukraine. Kiev, Ukraine.
2009 – Group exhibition of Galina Neledva, Victor and Elena Ryzhih. “Bottega” Gallery. Kiev, Ukraine.
2003 – “Viktor Ryzhih”. Central House of Artists. Kiev, Ukraine.
1997 – “Paintings and Drawings”. Central House of Artists. Kiev, Ukraine.

Selected Museum collections:

Tretyakov Gallery. Moscow, Russia.
Museum of Arts of Georgia. Tbilisi, Georgia.
National Art Museum of Ukraine. Kiev, Ukraine.
Museum of Modern Art of Ukraine. Kiev, Ukraine.
Kharkov Art Museum. Kharkov, Ukraine.
Kiev Museum of Russian Art. Kiev, Ukraine.
Lviv Art Gallery. Lviv, Ukraine.
Zaporozhe Regional Art Museum. Zaporozhe, Ukraine.
Khmelnitsk Art Museum. Khmelnytsk, Ukraine.
Nikolayev Art Museum of Vereshchagin. Nikolayev, Ukraine.
Museum of Ludwig. Cologne, Germany.
Works are in the collections of museums of Ukraine, the State Tretyakov Gallery
Modern Art Museum of Ukraine and National Art Museum.

Numerous private collections in Ukraine and abroad.