Leonid Voitsekhov


Leonid Voitsekhov
(1955, Odessa).

1973 – Graduated from the Odessa Art College named after Grekov.
1976 – Graduated from the Odessa Pedagogical Institute named after Ushinsky (graphic arts faculty).
1978 – Graduated from the Odessa Institute of Civil Engineering (architecture faculty).
1987 – Moved to Moscow; became a member of the Municipal Committee.
1988 – 1990 – Curator of the project “Diaspora” (an exhibition of Jewish Artists).
1991 – Coordinator of the project “The Jewish Museum of the CIS”.
Lived and worked in Odessa, Ukraine.

Selected solo exhibitions:

2012 – Mausolean Renaissance, Jacob Grether Art Center. Kiev, Ukraine.
2007 – Art Raiders, Starokonniy Market. Odessa, Ukraine.
2004 – “ Farewell to Arms”. Mystetskiy Arsenal . Kiev, Ukraine.
2003 – The first collection of the Central House of Artist. Kiev, Ukraine.
2002 – Russian Conceptualism. Madrid, Spain, Lisbon, Portugal.
2000 – Psychedelic in the Russian Conceptualism. Pompidou Centre. Paris, France.
1990 – “Diaspora”. Central House of Artist. Moscow, Russia.
1990 – Artists Furman. Warsaw -Paris- Bern.
1989 – USSR today (acquisitions). Ludwig Museum. Aachen, Germany. Contemporary Art Museum, St. Etienne, France.
1989 – Green Exhibition. Museum of New Art. New York, USA.
1989 – “Medgermenevtika and others”. Krings-Ernst Gallery. Cologne, Germany.
1989 – Dialogue with the Russian avant-garde. Contemporary Art of USSR. Boris Vian Center. Paris, France.
1989 – Inexpensive Art. First Gallery. Moscow, Russia.
1989 – … up to 33, Palace of Youth. Moscow, Russia.
1989 – “Rauschenberg – to us, we to – Rauschenberg”. First Gallery. Moscow, Russia.
1988 – Eidos. Palace of Youth. Moscow, Russia.
1988 – 18th Youth Exhibition. Exhibition hall “Manez”. Moscow, Russia.
1983-86 – “APT- ART”. Moscow, Russia. New York, USA. Washington, USA.

Selected Museum collections:

Ludwig Museum (Germany).
Museum of Contemporary Art. Melbourne (Australia).
City Museum of Angers (France).
City Museum in Martigny (Switzerland).
Museum of New Russian Art (New York).
The State Tretyakov Gallery (Russia).

Numerous private collections in Ukraine and abroad