ХОАХ. Fantastic Little Splash. Openning the exhibition 15.06.2018

NT-ART Gallery presents a project by an art group Fantastic Little Splash, the winners of OPEN CALL 2018.

Fantastic Little Splash

Artistic group from Dnipro, Ukraine. The group studies the nature of information – from the peculiarities of its distribution to the diversity of forms and their transformations. The group was created in 2016 by a visual artist, director and journalist Lera Malchenko and artist and director Olexandr Hants.
Fantastic Little Splash works with video art, 3D graphics, digital art

In 1708, Jonathan Swift became the author of one of the first documented mass media mystifications: he predicted the death of the astrologer John Partridge in the pages of the almanac under the pseudonym Isaac Bikkerstaff, thus parodying the method of the astrologer, who often mistakenly predicted the death of public figures. But Swift went further and, by the date predicted, published a necrology spread by the publishers. Astrologer continued to suffer from the consequences of this fake until the end of his life, even after Swift denied this information.
In 1938, the radio show on the novel by Herbert Wells “The War of the Worlds”, set by Orson Welles, frightened millions of Americans who considered it to be a news report on the invasion of the Martians. During 40 minutes of radio show Americans began the evacuation, they called the police about 20 thousand times and began forming groups of volunteers to participate in the war against the Martians.
Under the conditions of the “global village”, the speed of spreading of information multiplied by its diversity created the space where many alternate realities can exist simultaneously, which means there can be no confidence in any one. The interpenetration of real and virtual in the Ukrainian dimension is militaristic. Informational invasion has led to real military occupation. “Television protests”, fake news and subversive emotional content provided a 2000 percent increase to the term “post-truth” in 2016 compared with 2015. According to Zygmunt Bauman, the only thing left to the modern person is to learn to live in this “liquid modernity”, which is characterized by uncertainty of individual and social life.
The idea of ”hybrid content”, formulated by Fantastic Little Splash, is the variant of a solution in the spirit of transdisciplinarity, where according to the concept of Hans-Georg Gadamer, not only the horizons of science and religion, but all other areas of knowledge are fused: art, poetry, economics, social life and politics. “Hybrid content” is an experimental transdisciplinary product for abstract informing. Today it is the most relevant way to observe the nature of information and its dissemination, information forms and their transformations, and building a non-automated dialogue with the audience. The idea was tested on the Internet projects “New information” and “Transtranslation”.
“xoax” is the crystallization of the knowledge obtained. xoax narrates about sensual, rational, intuitive, emotional and moral “hybrid content”.
The exposition represents specific examples of the “hybrid content” as well as objects and works reflecting on this topic and allowing interacting directly with it.

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