Arsen Savadov. Laboratory of Orpheus

31.05.2019 - 14.06.2019

Арлекін-кутюр; полотно, олія; 200 x 230; 2016
Арлекін-кутюр; полотно, олія; 200 x 230; 2016

Arsen Savadov. Laboratory of Orpheus

May 31 – June 14, 2019

Odessa Museum of Western and Eastern Art

On May 31 at 3 PM, Odessa Museum of Western and Eastern Art together with Dymchuk Gallery and NT-Art Gallery presents paintings by Arsen Savadov. The exhibition is held within the framework of Odessa classics festival.

The works by Arsen Savadov, the classic artist of Ukrainian transavantgarde can be described as a combination of figurative painting and surrealistic abstraction. His compositions, filled with multiple meanings and figures, always imply eccentric iconography, where people, animals, hybrid forms and geometric figures coexist.

Arsen Savadov’s work is always a journey in which the artist outlines the direction of motion and “introduces” his viewer into the picture. It is that kind of journey across the museum halls that the exhibition “Laboratory of Orpheus” offers – from image to image, from canvas to canvas. Postmodern in form, this painting offers a plurality of readings and constructs neomythology, in which there is always room for alternate realities. The size of the canvases, sometimes reaching 5 meters in length turn them into a tableau vivant – where photography and painting, sculpture and theater intertwine, in a word, the intermediary inherent in contemporary art is implemented, in which Sawadov is undoubtedly an unsurpassed master.

Curators: Anatoliy Dymchuk, Kateryna Mikheytseva

Arsen Savadov

Born in 1962 in the family of graphic artist Volodymyr Savadov;

In 1986 graduated from Kyiv State Art Institute (now — Ntional Academy of Fine Arts);

Member of the Kyiv artistic group “Paris Commune”;

Participated in numerous projects in Ukraine and abroad, including Paris, London, New York, Chicago, Berlin, Venice, etc.

Works with painting, photography and video art;

Lives and works in Kiev.