Oleg Ogorodnik “Hand made”

27.02.2015 - 01.04.2015

Oleg Ogorodnik

“Hand made”

27.02.15 – 1.04.15

A Lviv-based photographer Oleg Ogorodnik presents a personal exhibition “Hand Made” in NT-Art Gallery.

The artist is awarded the EFIAP that is the highest distinction of The International Federation of Photographic Arts and is a member of the National Society of Photo Artists of Ukraine (NSPAU) and the Ukrainian-Slovak-Polish group «Black&White Groupe». Oleg Ogorodnik is also an honorary member of the Odessa Photography Association and a winner of numerous international and Ukrainian photo exhibitions. His solo shows had a great success in Ukraine, Austria, Poland, Taiwan and Slovakia.
The author prefers classical black and white photography thematically focused on sports, life in the mountains, act, portrait, landscape.
The exhibition in the NT-Art Gallery includes 50 artworks performed in unique technics that were used for producing photos in the late XIX and early XX century (cyanotype, albumen and the use of silver bromide emulsion of own production).
The visitors will see photos in such genres as nude photography, landscape, still life and portraits among the showpieces.
Oleg Ogorodnik always succeeds in displaying the greatest emotional movement of a person though his works looks static. The same tension of the internal condition that is inherent to the author is traced even in the still lifes and landscapes.
Flashes of light and shadow create a picture that reflects the inner state both of a man and the things that surround us.
Oleg’s art pieces impress with their aesthetic elegance and incomplete gesture, with an action that will happen in a moment and an action that a viewer can imagine and read into…
“I’ve been working at these works for about a year. The old technologies that are, unfortunately, forgotten because of the massive use of digital photo technics were chosen by me for producing these photos. I consider that these old technologies reveal the true spirit of photography”, – states Ogorodnik.

Solo exhibitions:
2012 – “Galicia”, Odessa, Ukraine
2011 – Solo show in Rivne, Ukraine
2010 – “Jazz”, Odessa, Ukraine
2009 – “Jazz”, Lviv, Ukraine
2008 – “HAND MADE”, Odessa, Ukraine
2007 – Solo show in Sumy, Ukraine
2007 – Solo show in Khmelnytskyi, Ukraine
2007 – Solo show in Feodosia, Ukraine
2005 – “HAND MADE”, Lviv, Ukraine
2004 – “50 x 50”, Lviv, Ukraine
2004 – Solo show in Rivne, Ukraine
2003 – “Gypsies”, Gallery “2+1”, Wolkersdorf Castle, Austria
2003 – “Viva Ukraina”, Wroclaw, Poland
2001 – “Carpathian Mountains”, Taipei, Taiwan
2000 – “Carpathian Mountains”, Humenne, Slovakia
2000 – “Sacral Lviv”, Lilienfeld, Austria
1993 – “Ukrainian Sea”, Saint-Tropez, France
1993 – “Ukrainian Sea”, Lviv, Ukraine