Olexa Mann& Ivan Semesyuk. `Bakteriya` Spesial Odessa Biennial 2013, In collaboration with Dymchuk Gallery

28.08.2013 - 30.09.2013


“Bakteriya” – NT-Art Gallery

Ivan Semesyuk – Olexa Mann

28.08.2013 – 30.09.2013

At the moment when domestic infernal surrealism has been closely intertwined with social criticism, the new artistic and biological formation “Bacteriya” was formed. As a natural bacterium “Bakteriya” is small but very tenacious. “Bacteriya” is not visible without a microscope, but it is very noticeable in the body. However, not necessarily that it is harmful. “Bacteriya” can simultaneously contain polar markers: for someone – positive for others – destructive. It is necessary, as every microorganism for sustainable existence of this complex and very balanced world.

All started with two self-artists: Ivan Semesyuk and Olexa Mann. Self-realization of two artists was in a wish to search and exhibit ‘bullying art’ that is not yet possible to expose in art galleries.

Art that exists independently should be underpinned by personality of the artist. Unlike ‘laboratory art’, which required institutional crutches, ‘bullying art’ exists independently – created somewhere in the internet space. Limited number of people knows about ‘bullying’ art but in narrow circles it already became a ritual. Bring this art out of the internet space was the impetus for the creation of the underground apartment gallery.

Based on an apartment that friends-architectures created for their own entertainment (primarily to get drunk with their friends –artists) was opened underground gallery, also named “Bakteriya”. For 5 months, there was held 9 projects, including the last – international. At the beginning people learned about the events through a very limited group on Facebook. Then created a website that started broadcasting (except of events announcement) variety of articles and interviews of people who accepted the offer to write on a web site. According to the concept of the site it should be uncensored, controversial and serve as a platform clash of opinions from various art camps and social circles. Now actively created online TV “Bacteriya-TV” by journalist team of volunteers.

Art group “Bakteriya” consists of two aforementioned residents. However, Ivan Semesyuk and Olexa Mann, as residents and curators of the art group, with a big interest invite various artists to participate in the project.

Bile, sugar, horror, social manipulation, ukrayinofiliya and Ukrainian policy, agro-noble struggle imposition of various cults, zombifikatsiya and population robotics, search for the modern hero and chanting of anti-heroes, anthropological portrait of the era – this is an incomplete list of the main topics that interested neo – romantic group “Bakteriya”.

Another challenge that “Bacteriya” poses – the need to free contemporary art of attaching different labels and thus pave the way to freedom from stereotypes. Art is never ‘right’ or ‘left’, politically correct or uncensored, soft or hard. Art is either alive or dead.

Olexa Mann