Alexander Roitburd. A Bar at the Folies-Bergeres. Delicacies. (Exhibition catalogue 14.10-13.11)


“NT-Art Gallery presents the project of Alexander Roitburd, the artist of the first magnitude in the modern Ukrainian art, one of the most outstanding representatives of Odessa School of Painting. Roitburd was born in Odessa and absorbed fascinating and delightful aroma of this city. We can see this fruity Odessa mixture of his bright painting talent, multicomplex cultural implications, which formed his original “ego”, and provocative disrespect of an authority breaker. Being generalist and intellectual Alexander Roitburd brought up the whole generation of successors. Now he lives in Kiev and influences the processes of modern art development not only in the capital but also in his native city…”

The catalogue also includes Roitburd’s best works of different periods and articles about him written by famous art critics M. Rashkovetskiy, B. Khersonskiy, F. Kokhrikht, S. Knyazev.