AUCTION. Decorative – applied art, painting XIX – XXI centuries (November 7, 2009)

Catalog of the sixteenth landmark auction of paintings and art works.

The figure “16” – is rather serious. It comes adulthood: already formed worldview, the mainstream perception of the best in the arts. Have accumulated a huge store of knowledge, skills and practices. Presented collection – an unusually high quality selection of art:

XIX century vividly represented such well-known Russian painters as B. Kustodiyev, P. Platonov, P.Soukhodolski, A. Benoit, Y. Tikhmenev, artist from Kiev G. Svetlitsky, representative southern Russian K. Kostandi art school, and many others;

In the twentieth century we see as recognized Ukrainian masters, whose works are represented in almost all past auctions – I. Trush, A. Erdelyi, N. Glushchenko, Shashkov, A. Shovkunenko, and no less flaming – P.Stolyarenko, A .Monastyrskiy, A. Gavdzinskiy, P. Sulimenko;

XXI Century saturated colors of famous contemporary artists multifaceted Ukrainian state – here the representatives of the Crimea and Odessa, Carpathian, Kiev and Kharkov art school.

We hope that presented in the catalog works will affect the strings of your soul and evoke a desire to enjoy them in the future in their own collections.