“How young you were…” Odessa nonconformist artists (1960-1980s) in the collections of Felix Kohriht and Anatoliy Dymchuk (Exhibition catalogue 3.09.2008-3.10.2008)


Felix Kohriht collection of artworks of nonconformist artists (1960-1980s) is unique and has got appreciated cultural, historical and artistic value. Very high level of paintings and breadth of Kohriht’s collection impressed everybody already after the first acquaintance with it. The pictures, which were selected with impeccable taste, show not only consummate mastery of the artists but also help to understand the world outlook of the famous journalist and culture beam F. Kohriht. Felix Davidovich didn’t only collect the best works of Odessa artists, which are now the pride of our city – he was also one of those few people who dared to support nonconformist artists in the time of loyal to the party line art, when everyone who didn’t agree with “the only true point of view” was given a short shrift. In connection with it the collector’s citizenship was of great importance because supporting informal artists he couldn’t remain unnoticed by the government. Luckily the citizenship of aesthete-intellectual F. Kohriht was at peace with aesthetic directions and as a result we have got the collection of the best works of Odessa nonconformist artists.

This catalogue accompanies the exhibition of nonconformist artists of 60-80s (reconstruction of flat exhibitions) and helps the viewers to get the expression of unofficial creative life in Odessa of that period.