Art Bank Investments. Auction Catalogue (September 12, 2008, Odessa)


The auction house Art Bank Investments was founded in Odessa in 2008 to create civilized art market in our city. Colossal potential of Odessa Fine Art School with age-and-a-half-old traditions is still not appreciated enough in South Palmyra.
Odessa artists have their own style; they are recognizable all over the world. Their skill and creative experiments are appreciated in the history of art and at international art markets, beginning with the highest achievements in realism, avant-garde of the first quarter of the XX century, social realism, the second half of avant-garde of 1960-80s (nonconformism), and including postmodernism and pop-art. Many Odessa artists have high rating in big auction houses all over the world. Among them are Kandinskiy and Ekster, Baranov, Rossine and Anisfeld, Altman and Adlivankin, Ganskiy and Nilus, Gaush and Kuznetsov, Dvornikov and Bozhiy, Lomykin and Yegorov, Sokolov and Khrushch, Yastreb, Sychov and many others. Russian auctions Sotheby’s Christie’s and McDouglas are very successful because new bourgeoisie class was formed in Russia and Ukraine and these people are ready to invest money in native art for the purpose of capitalizing not only their available assets but also their reputation. Ardour for collecting artworks is something like joining an elite closed club. It’s safe to say that Odessa has got such citizens – they are people of world-wide renown with their values and passions. The south Capital has got almost all attributes of luxurious metropolitan life. Many people buy mansions, yachts, sport cars, jewellery masterpieces and designer furniture. Our purpose is to attract your attention to such standards of luxurious life as artworks collection and participation in art auctions. Only at an auction during the struggle of different tastes and financial abilities the real prize of an artwork can be fixed. We call your attention to the collection, which has been formed for many years. One part of this collection was brought from Europe and America from private collections and corporative funds. Europeans and Americans bought a lot of works of Odessa artists in 1980-1990s. We look for these works and return them to our city. The other part of the collection was bought directly from artists or their heirs at Ukrainian or European auctions. Publication of works in our catalogue is the confirmation of their authenticity.