Exhibition catalogue of the People’s Artist of Ukraine Albin Stanislavovich Gavdzinskiy (isn’t publication of the gallery).

The publication accompanies the exhibition that took place in the NT-Art Gallery from December 2009 to February 2010. More than 80 paintings, created by the artist for the last 60 years, were exhibited.
The catalogue includes 72 colour reproductions of artworks, most of which have never been exhibited before, as well as two unique graphics (1960), created by the artist in the period of Opera House reconstruction, standing right on its roof.
The authors of the introductory articles are: Eugene Golubovskiy, vice-president of the Odessites World Club;
Sergei Ilyin, senior researcher of Odessa Museum of Western and Eastern Art;
Helena Gavdzinskaya, a member of the Union of Artists of Ukraine;
Linda Stoyanova, commercial director of the NT-Art Gallery.
Artist Albin Gavdzinsky is a universal phenomenon. He is versatile in all genres: landscape, still life, portrait, multifigured narrative composition. But what was his preference? What did he like most of all? Certainly it was landscape. A. Gavdzinskiy proudly feels himself a continuer of South Russian School traditions, Odessa impressionism, which gave the world such names as K. Kostandi and P. Nilus, T. Dvornikov and G. Golovkov. His teacher, not only in painting but in life, was a wonderful Odessa artist Sinitsky, the husband of one of K. Kostandi’s daughters.
When he paints the sky, we feel its height, feel the warmth of the sun. When he paints the sea, salty breeze brings us its smell, we hear the noise of the waves and the cries of gulls. And when he paints the air, we admire the refined beauty of the cityscape through it.
Looking at falling snow in his works, we enjoy the freshness of a frosty winter day. In this phenomenon one can see his skill, sincerity and mastery, unique property to convey “state” together with a part of his soul, to immerse in the quiet summer nigh or to compel involuntary squinting, staring at the blazing summer sun. The purer and loftier the artist’s soul is, the brighter and more sincere his works are.
Exhibitions in many countries. Works purchased by museums and collectors. How many of them did he have? He really didn’t count. Dozens of exhibitions. And he was the same young man, who was fond of nature. Winter, spring, summer, autumn, rain, sun, snow – he stood with a painter`s case in the open air, painted trembling of branches, breath of wind, refraction of rays of the sun. And nothing was more beautiful for him than this occupation.
His pictures are full of salutary energy, which makes us look at them again and again. Gavdzinskiy’s paintings are special because we can admire them infinitely, each time finding something new.

Price: 100UAH