Yuriy Yegorov. Painting. (Catalog of the exhibition 22.02 – 21.03.2008)


Exhibition “Yuri Yegorov: New Work” presents the creativity of one of the most recognized and influential artists of modern Odessa. The exhibition introduces the works created over the last few years. Painting Master today enjoys great popularity not only among our compatriots, but also abroad. At the exhibition a rare and even unique opportunity to see how they work, who arrived this year from abroad, and those that immediately became an ornamentation of a number of private collections and therefore had no time to be presented to a wide audience. Fruitfulness Yuri Nikolayevich Yegorov, his energy and creative power are vividly demonstrates the content of the exhibition – a number of fresh out by sense landscapes and striking figural compositions. His personality and inspired work for more than one decade and serve as a beacon, which are equal, which measures the own achievements and efforts of many talented and has long held artists Odessa. His work is always inspiring and inspires the true connoisseurs of painting. This exhibition only worthy evidence of the uncompromising service to art, which has long made a name of Egorov living legend .