10 years NT-Art Gallery

23.12.2017 - 31.01.2018

Gallery of Contemporary Art NT-Art was founded 10 years ago
Since its foundation, NT-Art Gallery has been actively involved in the development and promotion of modern Ukrainian art in Odessa, Kiev and other cities of Ukraine, and also popularizes Ukrainian art abroad. In addition, NT-Art Gallery is engaged in the study of Ukrainian painting of the period 60-80s of the last century: the exhibition will present such classics of Ukrainian art as Lyudmila Yastreb, Yuri Egorov, Valentin Khrushch and other bright figures of the South Russian school. The exhibition also includes the work of Yevgeny Rakhmanin, who “infected” Anatoly Dymchuk – the founder of the gallery – with love for Odessa painting, Odessa nonconformists, Anatoly Chopin and contemporary artists Igor Gusev, Konstantin Skoptsov, Bondero and many others who had previously exhibited in the gallery.
Over the past decade, the gallery has organized numerous exhibitions of Ukrainian and foreign artists, literary readings, initiated educational projects, published dozens of catalogs and books. The Gallery actively cooperates with other regional and national partners, cultural centers and consulates.  At the base of the gallery is the collection of Anatoly Dymchuk, numbering more than three thousand exhibits – painting, graphics, sculpture.  The center of the collection is a  collection of works of  nonconformists from Odessa and the most complete collection of  Yuri Egorov‘s works – outstanding Ukrainian artist .  NT-Art Gallery is always open to experiments and projects combining different disciplines – visual art, poetry, fashion, music.
NT-Art Gallery still plays a crucial role and is one of the few art institutions with an active and uninterrupted exhibition program. In the gallery’s plans, as before, there remains active cooperation with Ukrainian artists and institutions, the implementation of exhibition projects, the continuation of publishing activities.

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