11.07.2013 - 28.07.2013


The project of Les’ Podervyanskyi `Way of the Warrior` was timed to coincide with the opening of Dymchuk Gallery in Kiev. After a successful presentation in Kiev “Way of the Warrior” is now presented at NT-Art Gallery in Odessa.

In the future DymchukArtPromotion planning a series of projects that will be showcased at two galleries: NT-Art Gallery (Odessa) and Dymchuk Gallery (Kiev).

Les’ Podervyanskyi is well-known as an author of the plays: “Hamlet, or the Danish phenomenon of katsapizm”, `Vasіlіsa Yegorova and young men`, “Pavlіk Morozov” and many others. Founders of the Dymchuk Gallery already have collaborated with Les` Podervyanskyi and contributed to the appearance on the stage the play `Pavlіk Morozov`. In 1976 Podervyanskyi graduated from the Kiev State Art Institute (now the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture) from the monumental department, faculty of painting. Since 1976 he has participated in numerous exhibitions. His works are in the collections of many museums and galleries, including the National Art Museum of Ukraine, Museum of Russian Art, Voronezh Art Museum, Glasnost Gallery (Nuremberg), Domino Gallery (Gothenburg), and also in private collections in the United States, Poland, Canada, Israel, Ukraine, Russia, etc.

In the project will be presented a series of works on which the artist has worked over the last year. All works are devoted to the Japanese samurai Miyamoto Musashi of XIV-XV centuries, even more precisely to his treatise- `The Book of Five Rings`. Invincible Warrior, the inventor of fencing school `Nito` and the artist Musashi at the age of 60 years wrote a treatise about the art of strategy – `The Book of Five Rings.` It should be noted that in the book, besides the actual techniques of fencing, sets out the theoretical reasoning model of samurai about the strategy and the moral foundations of a warrior. Perhaps that is why the treatise is still very popular not only among those who study the martial arts, but also among businessmen and politicians.

`Mіyamoto Musashі wrote `The Book of Five Rings` in XVII century. The book is still relevant nowadays, and studied in Sendherst, West Point and many other military and civil institutions. I found this book fifteen years ago, and since then have read it many times. But the more I read, the less understood. It was clear that I do not understand it not because it’s written badly. I simply could not find the keys to this book. I began to read it less frequently. Finally, when I stopped reading completely, I began to understand it. I could not translate my understanding of the book into words, so I started to paint. I wanted everyone to see that I am smart. When I finished work, the desire to share my knowledge of the book disappeared. I believe, it is enough to look at my paintings, and no additional insight in need`
Les’ Podervyanskyi

Reflecting on the thesis outlined in the book, Les’ Podervyanskyi created original illustrations for each of the five sections that make up the treatise: the Book of Earth, the Book of Water, the Book of Fire, the Book of Wind and the Book of the Void.