Creative association “Mamay”. Graphics and sculpture

29.01.2016 - 22.03.2016

Creative association “Mamay”. Graphics and sculpture

Graphics and sculpture

29.01.2016 – 22.03.2016

The exhibition will feature works by artists such as Valery Basanets, Igor Bozhko, Victor Marinyuk, Sergey Savchenko, Vasiliy Sad, Nikolai Stepanov, Alexander Stovbur, Vladimir Strelnikov and Vladimir Tsyupko.

Starting their career in 60s, united by common aspirations, artists have created a huge art legacy. Association `Mamay` initially shows a very stable activity of the creative presentations of their exhibits, in different formats and geography.
By now members of the creative association `Mamay` has consistently and convincingly acted from the position of the relevance of the nation-state, demonstrating a focused and successful activities in the development of modern Ukrainian culture.
New identity and unbiased art resonated not only among the Ukrainian public, but also abroad. This is evidenced by the large number of works oh these artists in the collections of foreign collectors, galleries, museums, in particular the most famous Soviet art collector Norton Dodge, Zimmerli Museum, Radgers, New Jersey, USA.