AUCTION. Decorative – applied art, painting XIX – XX centuries (30 May 2009)

All around us scattered gold

Which is more expensive from the usual gold.

Ages create it our people.

It is our strength in it, in the cruel

Modern Combat – it is our only hope.

This is gold – the great cultural implications …

M. Bilyashevskyy

Thirty May 2009 is fifteenth we invite our supporters to holiday beauty. Offered us a collection – the concentration of true art – will bring much pleasure and inspiration to our old and new friends. Auction house “era continues to stand on their bid really unique works of art. On the day of our city, together with the Odessa Gallery of Modern Art “NT-Art, we present an unprecedented project:” Rainbow experience: from classics to contemporary art. Evolution, revolution or spiral development. “This will allow works as acknowledged masters, and fresh waves of young, find new owners, the care of people affected by” Virus Art “capable in this difficult time to make a choice in the direction of investment in art, and therefore, in their spiritual and intellectual development.

The strategy of auction house “Epoch” displays provides of the most interesting artistic events in previous periods and trends in the Ukrainian modern art. In this catalog you will find works by famous masters of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries: Ivan Shishkin, K. Filippov, N. Obolensky, M. Krymov, M. Gluschenko Shishko S., Tsvetkov, VF Zakharov, and others. Along with them are not lost also a new contemporary art.

Working on the compilation of the collection, we wanted to reach the main – to fill by waves of emotion and excitement, bright and genuine awe of the artistic heights. To make you inspired and distinctively elevated beauty. We hope that works adequately enrich and complement your collection.